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While we cant entertain any hopes of ever owning it those who attended aquarama 2007 can still say that they have seen the worlds most expensive aquarium fish. A uk importer even offered the fish for a200000 nearly us 400000.

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California Man Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Asian Arowana The Most

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Exotic Freshwater Fish Top 10 Aquariumstoredepot

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Saltwater Fish You Dream About Owning 16 Most Expensive Saltwater Fish

Today i answer why the worlds most expensive aquarium fish is so expensive and why its probably illegal for you to keep.

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Expensive aquarium fish.
Do you really want some oohs and aahs from people looking at your fish tank.
The most expensive fish for the largest aquarium is the demand of the hour.
This is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

Aro dynasty has been offered 80000 for the platinum arowana.
This is the second most expensive tropical fish and the most expensive fish of the aquarium.
Join the team httpsgooglv2jdfk.

But dont hold your breath for the most expensive aquarium fish as they are just as rare as they are spectacular.
This is a fantastic looking little fish variety which is a favorite of fish enthusiasts and collectors.
Unfortunately the fish is not for sale.

Most expensive saltwater fish fishtankwebcom the most expensive saltwater fish exists and ready to buy.
Fish is the best wonderful pet that beautifies your aquarium.
Top 10 most expensive fish ever sold.

Depending on the color patterns are available in a few hundred dollars but the platinum albino specimens are so rare that they can not have just anyone.
Whilst this fish was actually sold in the food industry some aquarium fish can also come with an extremely high price tag because they are so sought after.
Try to find one of these babies.

If you really want to be total in the case of keeping the best one with you just pick one of the top 10 fish.
Freshwater polka dot stingray.
If you are a hobbyist or aquarist adding up some rare fishes to your list or if you are just a person who like to see fishes in aquariums then you may be certainly willing to know the top 10 most expensive fishes in the world that are priced on their rarity coloration and location from where they are captured.

They offer the impeccable and glorious view in your own aquarium.
Fish comes in different color patterns attracting and cool colors make the aquarium eye catching.

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The Top Ten Most Expensive Tropical Fish In The World Youtube

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Top Ten Most Expensive Tropical Fish Disk Trend Magazine

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